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Pastor Kenneth Wayne Redmon

I  was born to Kenneth and Ethel Redmon October 19 1955 and am the oldest of 16 children. I am married to Crystal Redmon and have 3 children and am a grandpa. I love the Lord very much and am ready to walk out the vision that He has given me.

My relationship with God started very young, I was only ten years old when I got born again, in a little Baptist country Church. Immediately after God started to show me things in my life, but at this point I had no understanding, and being as young as I was with no teaching when Satan came in the night it caused fear to set in.

As I grew older and into my teens and early manhood, I really did not seek God out, but a few years later I was introduced to the Spirit of God at an Assembly of God Church, at that point I began to desire the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, I started trying to receive it but could not get it. One day while on my way to work, I was just praising God in my car and suddenly I received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with evidence of speaking in tongues.

Eventually I began going to Church in Cookeville, TN at Cookeville Christian Fellowship under the authority of Pastor Kenneth James Vaughn. This is when my ministry started I did whatever was needed. I was involved in Food ministry, nursing home ministry, prison ministry, ministering to people one on one, and just anything else that was asked of me, at the same time always knowing that God had called me to other things.

Then God started talking to me about going out to preach His word in other Church bodies, in about a week’s time God confirmed His word through my Pastor. I was set apart through the ministry.

My Pastor came out of Kenneth Hagin Ministries, and I received most of my teaching under his covering, I’ve also been influenced by, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Jesse Duplantis, T.D. Jakes, and many others as there are many great men and women in God out there to learn and grow by. During this time, I also took a course in Theology, enough to learn the basics.

Several years ago God had given me a vision of starting a ministry, and just recently, my wife and I stepped out in faith and started this ministry, the Body of Christ Ministry which is the name the Lord spoke to me to name this church. We became a chartered Church in September 2007. We are recognized by the state as a non-denominational church.

After my pastor passed away, I knew the Lord would put another Godly authority in my life. I had to let it be in God's time and not mine. In 2010, God gave me that authority that I needed. I now sit under Pastor/Apostle Leon Young of House of Miracles Pentecostal Church in Decatur, IL. He is truly a great man of God of whom I am very proud to call my pastor.

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